Episode 677 Scott Adams: China, Ukraine HOAXES, Climate Solutions and More

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  • President Trump’s “deplorable” “troll army”
  • Boris Johnson funding and support for nuclear fusion
  • Ukraine wasn’t aware their funding was on hold?
  • Whistleblower rules changed in August to allow hearsay?
    • IC spokesman refuses to comment on why rules changed
  • Obama Admin wanted prosecutor fired for NOT taking on Burisma?
  • Bill Maher points out Democrat hypocrisy, ignoring Biden story
    • Rare example, a person capable of changing his opinion
  • Artificial leaves capable of removing MORE CO2 than trees
    • University of Illinois at Chicago’s breakthrough design
  • Would ANY American company move into China today?
    • Direction matters, and it isn’t looking good for China
  • Michael Bloomberg’s comment: China is NOT a dictatorship

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