Episode 606 Scott Adams: Water Thrown at Police, Iran Peace Talks, Predictions, MyPillow Persuasion


  • Releasing kids from Obama’s cages
  • President Trump begins calling the squad RACIST
    • The squad frames everything in terms of race
    • President Trump frames everything in terms of America first
  • Does Iran have a system of government that is capable of peace?
  • Police assaulted…and they just walked away
    • Were they ordered to allow themselves to be abused?
  • Mike Lindell’s strong MyPillow persuasion techniques
  • PragerU does a good job debunking of the “Fine People” HOAX
  • YouTube demonetizing both me and David Pakman for political talk
  • Pharma costs down for 1st time ever…President Trump gets credit
  • Shepard Smith’s stunning talent during PR Governor interview

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