Episode 528 Scott Adams: Manufactured Word-News, China Trade, Russia, Iran


  • Biden’s possible VP running mate, Kamala
  • Some suspended conservatives are now back on Twitter
  • My defense of AOC
    • AOC and Tlaib are getting the “Fine People” HOAX treatment
    • Hyperbole taken literally or out of context for political gain
  • My defense of Tlaib’s “calming feeling about the Holocaust”
    • Don’t you automatically know that can’t possibly be true?
    • Out of context quote, looks HORRIBLE
    • Clarification is buried deep in articles about it
  • Chuck Schumer tells Pompeo to tell Putin to stay out of our elections
    • …Because nobody has already communicated that?
    • …Because nobody has thought of telling him that?
    • …Because Putin has no way of knowing we would be upset?
  • THE MEANING OF WORDS…is driving the news
    • Russia Collusion: Spying or an investigation?
    • News people pretending they don’t know how words work
  • Nancy Pelosi invited Imam Omar Suleiman to do Congressional prayer
    • Lee Zeldin criticizes Suleiman’s anti-Israel history and remarks
    • Was Pelosi aware of Imam Suleiman’s background?
  • MSM won’t allow Biden to become the Democrat candidate
    • They’ll knock him back and promote someone good for ratings
    • Have you seen Biden interviewed on CNN?
    • Does anybody report on Biden…with interest?
  • China pulling back from the trade deal
    • China expert says the LANGUAGE of the deal was the problem
    • The language used was DISRESPECTFUL, offensive
  • Recycling plastic has always been possible, but it’s challenging
    • NEW type of plastic can be easily recycled
  • Sex Strike Update
    • A+ for persuasion to Alyssa Milano
    • Respect for her activism sincerity and effectiveness
  • Knee-jerk hatred of everything “the other side” embraces
  • Free will has been SCIENTIFICALLY disproven
    • Free will simply doesn’t exist
    • Facts and common sense have little or no impact
    • People join a team and defend their team

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