Episode 380 Scott Adams: Cohen, Beto, Ohr, Kim, Pelosi, Heller


  • Childish Pelosi behavior vs. President Trump’s childish counter-punch
    • Attack the President, expect his counter-punch
    • SOTU now has new, better options
  • CNN hit piece on Beto, saying his attention is due to “white male”
    • CNN is picking off their non-preferred candidates
  • Bruce Ohr told congress he fully informed the FBI of conflicts
    • Told them Steele dossier was political doc from DNC
    • Told them his wife worked for Fusion GPS
  • YouTube adds Wikipedia link to my videos on climate change
    • The Wikipedia page believes climate change is real
    • Why not do same concept for self-radicalized terrorists?
  • Border control plan, Dems should show us their plan
    • What DO they want to protect the border?
    • Some Dem factions are cannibalizing others on topic 
  • Some Democrat has a major attention getting opportunity
    • Show us a border control plan and budget
  • Press business model has divided the world into current situation
    • Neither side is allowed to compromise…by the media
    • Media is painting negotiation, compromise as “losing”
  • Effectively using the power of being “on the spectrum”
    • A lot of the top talent in Silicon Valley is “on the spectrum”
    • NOT an insult to ask if someone is on the spectrum

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