Episode 712 Scott Adams: Perfect Phone Calls, China Genocide, 2020 Landslide, Dem Match-ups

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  • Is China killing people…ON DEMAND…to harvest organs?
  • Has Mexico lost its sovereignty if arrests require cartel approval?
  • Why Ukrainian corruption is important for the US to pursue
  • Anderson Cooper mocking Steve Bannon during interview
  • “Fireside chat” reading of the Ukrainian call transcript
  • Pelosi’s #Shampeachment vote confirmed it is NOT legitimate
    •   NO GOP voted for it, TWO Democrats voted against
  • President Trump mocks concept he needs Ukraine to beat Biden
    • Wiped Clinton dynasty, Bush dynasty, worried by Biden?
  • “Slow Joe” is a VERY effective devastating label
    • Comparison to the label “sleepy Joe”
  • Kamala substantially cuts her staff…but continues campaign
    • Why was my prediction about her SO WRONG?
  • Elizabeth Warren’s shaky, old, “bleeting” non-leaderly voice
  • Is Joe Biden the obvious deep state choice for President…
    • …because the deep state can control him?
  • Would Tulsi be STRONGEST candidate against President Trump?

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