Episode 631 Scott Adams: Tlaib Grandmother’s Good Luck, NYT Scandal, End of Racism


  • NYT admits they had a HOAX business model, and won Pulitzers?
    • The news is “broken”, and nobody is reporting that…
      • …because the news is broken
  • Representative Rashida Tlaib says her election gave hope to WHO?
  • President Trump’s joke about Tlaib’s Grandmother…the only “winner”
  • President Trump’s smart defense strategy
    • Voters are beginning to ask the Democrat leadership…
      1. Why are Democrat inner thoughts…so crazy?
      2. Why are Democrats acting so racist?
  • Google demonetizing me to the point of driving me off YouTube
    • They’re reducing my impact on social media
    • They’re doing the same thing to others

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