Episode 668 Scott Adams: Let’s Experience the Best Simultaneous Sip of All Time and Hilarious News

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  • Justin Trudeau’s 3rd blackface photo emerges
  • Have I cured more people than Jesus?
  • Jimmy Carter believes there should be a Presidential age limit
  • CNN’s Phil Mudd RIPS intelligence whistleblower to shreds
  • UFOs are real? Unexplained videos emerge
  • Impressive list of wrong predictions on climate change
  • Aramco: Drones confirmed as Iranian technology
    • Response options?
  • Do Americans have a right to own guns without anyone knowing?
  • Can Amazon be required to flag products made in China?
  • “Magnet Communities” to attract the drug addicted

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Episode 161 Scott Adams: Fake News, Dalai Lama, Healthcare and Optimism


  • Could the press take the country to war…for ratings?
    • War is good ratings, money, prestige for the press
    • It would be legal, with massive incentives for the press
    • Are the press, the enemy of the people?
  • Jake Tapper says Democrat party is weakest it’s been since 1920
  • Dalai Lama says our biggest problems are psychological
  • Cost of healthcare for all
  • Shy bladder (paruresis)


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