Episode 317 Scott Adams: Lying Pictures, Chinese Super-Babies, Senator Hyde-Smith


  • CNN cropped and created a misleading tear gas photo
  • Alan Dershowitz says Mueller report will be “politically devastating”
  • AOC makes a provocative statement
  • White supremacist article on CNN…now taken down
  • Chinese gene-edited baby has been born that’s HIV resistant
    • Our gene-edited future…is guaranteed
  • Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith said some racially insensitive things
  • Climate change report continues to amaze
    • An example of Cognitive blindness?
    • Report said GDP impact in 80 years will be 10%
    • GDP will increase 700% in the next 80 years
    • Is a 10% pullback from a 700% increase “dire”?
  • Why would anyone want to be 140 years old?
    • Someday, 140 will be the new 60

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