Episode 526 Scott Adams: Biden, Buttigieg, Bill Maher, Your Favorite President


  • Making predictions and tracking their accuracy
    • Only way to determine if your beliefs are correct or crazy
    • For President Trump, how are your predictions so far?
  • What if you believed President Trump would never be elected?
    • Economy would crash, and other now debunked fears?
    • If your predictions were ALL WRONG…
      • …shouldn’t you re-evaluate your beliefs?
  • Your beliefs DON’T accurately predict the future?
    • Don’t think your beliefs need re-evaluating?
  • Bill Maher pushed back against a guest on the economy
  • Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine trip…now cancelled
    • Excellent, A+ move
    • Draw attention to Biden’s son, possible corruption with Ukraine
  • Biden’s climate change plans…mention nuclear
    • Doesn’t spotlight nuclear options
    • But including nuclear gives BIDEN the BEST PLAN
  • Doesn’t matter if climate change is a problem or not
    • The solution either way, is most likely nuclear power
    • Develop nuclear along with other promising technologies
      • One will emerge as the best, most practical path
  • Gen III nuclear plants, worldwide, have NEVER had a meltdown
    • Gen III is much safer than older generations
    • Gen IV appears to be even safer, just needs development
  • Presidential nickname assigned to Pete Buttigieg
  • Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States”
    • Top shelf persuasion technique, masterfully presented
  • Framing: The Wall
    • It’s a wall between America and the vicious, violent cartels
  • Framing: Immigration Reform
    • Who gets to decide what America is…and our fate?
    • People in Guatemala are currently deciding for Americans
  • Framing: Healthcare
    • Things are either pro-competitive or anti-competitive
    • Competition is the only way to reduce cost
  • Framing: Abortion
    • BAD: Is this a life or not a life?
    • BETTER: Who gets to decide?
  • Framing: Gun Control
    • People vote for their own safety
    • Some people are safer WITH guns
    • Some people are in greater DANGER if they have a gun
  • A well armed population DOES help control government
  • Obtaining purpose in life…
    • You feel good when you do things compatible with your natural biological drives
  • Ben Shapiro walked off BBC interview
    • Ben humbly accepts responsibility
    • VERY admirable, much respect to Ben

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