Episode 691 Scott Adams: Talking About Winners and Losers From This Week

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  • Pirelli Tire company…winner or loser?
  • Jacob Wohl’s latest prank
  • Iranian oil tanker hit by two missiles…from Iran?
  • Eliud Kipchoge runs marathon in under two hours, sets world record
  • Bill Maher thinks homeless problem is a housing cost issue?
    • News silo situation?
  • Don Jr. tweets clip of Kamala cackling in a non-leader way
    • Kamala responds with a pretty good dig
    • Who “won” the exchange?
  • AOC tweets #legalizeit
    • Matt Gaetz replies
  • Shepard Smith quit FOX News
  • Kurds and a lack of understanding about their situation
    • They wanted a homeland
    • Were they helping the US, or was the US helping them?
  • Gavin Newsom signs 15 new guns laws, and a curious stat
  • Is it a good sign when you’re running for President and…
    • …your kid has to hide?
  • Preliminary China trade deal reached
    • What did China agree to give up?
  • The Steve Kerr situation

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