Episode 1066 Scott Adams: I Travel to the Future and Back to Tell You Who Will Win in November

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  • Kanye still the most interesting person on the planet
  • Audio illusion, “engage” or “lying b****”
  • Tucker versus the NYT
  • Upper case Black, lower case white?
  • “White supremacist” is the n-word slur against white people
  • The Portland illusion, do their residents care?

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Episode 585 Scott Adams: Revising My Opinion of Antifa. You Should Too.

  • Content: 
  • Antifa insider says they do what they do…because they enjoy it
  • They target neo-Nazi’s because they’re allowed to fight them
  • Antifa is a fight club, it’s sport for them…politics are secondary
  • Boxing, MMA, Antifa fight-club, are just 3 different sports

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