Episode 347 Scott Adams: Comparing Tweets by AOC and POTUS, Talk About Mattis, 2020, Blight Ideas


  • AOC tweet, 42,000 retweets, 170,000 likes in 24 hours
    • Provocative thought, popular, gets your attention
    • Her Twitter game is seriously strong
    • She’s tweeting what people are thinking, she has game
  • POTUS tweet, sets an “elite trap”, Dale explains
    • Has meat for the haters, humor for the lovers
    • Persuasive words that slide through cognitive filters
  • CNN “power ranking” of Democrat Presidential candidates
    • Kamala and Beto are the top two candidates
    • CNN is seeking to make Kamala and Beto the candidates
    • CNN is brainwashing away from top voter preference, Biden
  • Wikileaks claims General Mattis is planning to run for President
    • If true, his resignation is timely, strategic
    • Reportedly, Turkey’s Erdogan on phone, said why are we in Syria?
    • President Trump put the question to Bolton…
    • then decided it’s time for us to leave Syria
  • NOTE: Periscope glitch, video cuts off at begin of Blight Authority

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