Episode 420 Scott Adams: TDS on CNN, With Coffee


  • There are simple explanations…and extraordinary ones
    • McCabe opened Presidential investigations,
    • rejecting simple, likely explanations, for extraordinary ones
  • CNN Alisyn Camerota says President Trump has no sense of humor
    • Brian Stelter’s reaction, realizing she’s nuts is pretty funny
    • President Trump “is humorless”, “humor impaired”? Huh!
  • Brian Stelter plays compilation clip of FOX people saying “coup!”
    • Philip Bump says NOT a coup, cause low odds of success
  • Brain Stelter DOESN’T seem to suffer from TDS
    • He seems to just be pushing CNN Democrat narratives
  • President Abe of Japan nominates President Trump for the Nobel
  • Even CNN has concluded that the Jussie Smollet thing was a hoax
  • People are influenced by “good stories” and anecdotes
    • Socialism’s story is that they don’t want 25,000 new jobs
  • Kamala Harris, there’s nothing bad about Kamala Harris, she’s solid
    • There’s nothing interesting about her either
  • Joe Biden would be a GREAT Democrat candidate
    • He can’t possibly win, and it would be REALLY funny
  • Michael Bloomberg won’t run, won’t get to top three, knows it
  • Mark Benioff is the real deal in a very good way, won’t run though
    • He seems to operate at a higher level than most people
  • Kamala is a “target poor” environment for attack by conservatives
  • Scott Adams, as a systems (not goals) candidate for President
    • Got an idea on gun control? I’ll try it…small, see how it goes
    • I’ll always be about a SYSTEM to find solutions
    • I’d have the experts front and center on border security
    • Beyond expert opinion it’s just political BS

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