Episode 1374 Scott Adams: Trump’s Funniest New Insults, Israel Dismantling Hamas, CNN Viewers Gaslighted on Climate

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  • Charismatic ex-Marine Winsome Sears
  • Israel, Hamas conflict
  • AZ election audit “bombshell”?
  • President Trump’s underrated writing skill
  • Colonial pipeline hackers
  • Unapproachable arguments technique

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Episode 581 Scott Adams: Jimmy Carter, Sleepy Joe, North Korea, Russia


  • President Carter and Joe Biden
  • Democrats have become The HOAX Party
  • Bill Pulte offering money to people on Twitter
  • President Trump tweets to Chairman Kim about DMZ get together
    • ALL future Presidents…will be compared to President Trump
    • President Trump’s brand: He can talk to anyone
  • President Trump is friendly with other world leaders…and tough
  • Trade with other countries…is leverage. More trade, more leverage
  • Solid, top-shelf persuasion
    • I’ll be in the neighborhood, like to say hi and shake your hand
  • Andrew Yang is VERY likable, tweeted about the simulation
  • Suggestion: a NEW approach to dealing with illegal immigration

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