Episode 629 Scott Adams: Epstein, Stock Markets and Trump, Deep Fakes, Simulation Proof, Hong Kong


  • Always bet on human incompetence over a complex explanation
  • Kamala Harris…politicizing an active ongoing police event
    • If you can’t solve a problem any other way…”Trump it”
    • Shake the box till the variables produce a potential solution
  • Deep Fakes amazing video of Bill Hader’s face imperceptibly morphing
  • China will NEVER approve a fair trade deal…for cultural reasons
    • So how is a fair deal possible?
    • Thomas Friedman says he’d prefer TPP over trade war
  • Hong Kong situation and the likely outcome
  • Stock market prediction filter for 2020 election results
    • Will elite Democrats intentionally crash the stock market?
    • Is “political selling” happening to intentionally drive it down?
  • “Inverted Yield Curve” and recession fears…why?
  • Bill Clinton portrait at Epstein’s…wearing a blue dress and red shoes?

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