Episode 1995 Scott Adams: Get In Here!


  • Tucker Carlson on CIA running the country
  • Anti-Vaxxers appear to be the most right
  • Who did & didn’t take the jab and boosters?
  • Whiteboard1: Anti-Vaxxer vs. Pro-Vaxxer
  • Whiteboard2: Current (Omnicron)
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Episode 615 Scott Adams: Who Won the Debate Last Night, Reagan’s Phone Call, A$AP Rocky


  • The tape of President Reagan privately talking to President Nixon
  • Our homes now have devices recording our private conversations
  • Your FUTURE “Thought crimes” are being recorded TODAY
    • Like President Reagan, they may haunt you years, decades later
  • A$AP Rocky’s offensive lyrics and President Trump’s effort to help him
  • Democrat debate: Review of each candidate’s performance, chances
    • Effective super dirty tricks, poison pill, the Dem platform,
    • Submissive candidates, Obama thrown under the bus,
    • Executive hair, executive voice, confidence, “old man” errors

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