Episode 603 Scott Adams: Talking with Bill Pulte @Pulte About St. Louis Blight, AC Giveaway, Veteran Gift


  • Guest: Bill Pulte talks about helping veterans and philanthropy
  • Reversing how we think about the blight of abandoned buildings
    • #TwitterPhilanthropy @CodeOfVets @Pulte
  • Demonstration: College student opinions are easily manipulated
  • World renowned robot scientist…robots can’t understand concepts?
  • President Trump speaks to Kanye about helping A$AP in Sweden
    • Told PM of Sweden, he would personally vouch for his bail
  • Bubonic plague pending in LA, huge numbers of rats and homeless
  • Iran seizes UK oil tanker…does Iran want war?
  • Who is responsible for the health effects of Trump Presidency?
  • President Trump said Puerto Rico government is massively corrupt
    • MSM and Dems mocked him…2 years later, they agree?
  • President Trump said there’s a crisis at the border
    • MSM and Dems mocked him…1 year later, they agree?
  • Joe Biden needs to “find a spine” in next debate, per CNN Van Jones

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