Episode 453 Scott Adams: Vetos, White Nationalists, Bernie’s Head Injury, Beto the Hacker, and Climate


  • Do CNN people believe their Charlottesville “fine people” hoax?
    • Is it a self-inflicted false memory they can’t see?
  • President Trump vetos congress rejection of National Emergency
  • Gotcha! question to President Trump about “white supremacists”
    • Either way he answered, enemy press would claim he’s racist
  • “Honeymooning alone”, vacationing and traveling alone
    • Two people who want to do the same thing, same time?
  • Beto has acknowledged being a hacker, a thief, when he was younger
    • Does Hollywood support a guy who pirated their work?
    • His hacker name was “psychedelic” something or other
  • The tell for people whom have done psychedelic drugs?
    • They think their barriers are artificial and can be overcome
    • The world around them is a construct of their own minds
  • The “Candace Owens Effect”
    • You’re an observer, a person talking about the news
    • Suddenly you’re part of the story 
  • Bjorn Lomborg and risk management aspect of climate change
    • Natural disaster deaths are now lower than ever in history
  • Quillette article on climate change in the United States
    • People are just lining up behind their political party
    • We aren’t making decisions based on facts and reasons
  • “You just can’t know” if climate change is real, what can you do?
    • Gen IV nuclear is the answer, no matter what

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