Episode 613 Scott Adams: Let’s Play “Is the President a Racist or do I Have TDS?”


  • Let’s play “Is the President racist, or do I have TDS?
  • Elijah Cummings is failing his job, and only President Trump can say it
  • Alyssa Milano feels “hopeless”…her nightmare illusion
  • Democrats want to prevent discussion of Baltimore’s issues…why?
    • Preventing discussion prevents solutions
  • Kamala…if you want to win the nomination tonight, here’s how
    • Bring up AGE…cause everybody is thinking it, nobody saying it
  • We shouldn’t judge public figures by actions over 20 years ago
    • Nobody is the same person they were 20 years ago
    • Is it fair to judge a person by who they were 20 years ago?
  • Republicans are spring-loaded to be helpful…they love it
    • Play by the rules and Republicans will love you, it’s easy

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