Episode 1543 Scott Adams: Today I Will Talk About IQ and the Correlation With Health. Because I Like Causing Trouble


  • Replace VP and then POTUS resigns?
  • Reid Hoffman, George Soros and Good Information Inc.
  • Whiteboard1: I.Q. –> Health
  • Whiteboard2: Problem: I.Q. and Race
  • Kyle Rittenhouse trial
  • Huma Abedin and the senator
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Episode 352 Scott Adams: The Fence-Wall, Reid Hoffman, Visiting the Troops, Stock Market


  • President Trump has identified reason for opposition to the wall 
    • The wall would be a win for the President
  • Midterm false flag online operation to influence Alabama results
    • Now confirmed: Dem operatives pretend to be Russians
    • Credible speculation this isn’t the first time
  • POTUS and FLOTUS visit the troops
    • FOX reports tight security and no leaking of trip
    • CNN reports everyone knew it was being planned
  • Stock market historic drop the other day
    • Stock market historic one day increase yesterday
  • Attack of the Dales
    • Did POTUS make a mistake by changing Fed Chief?
    • It isn’t a one-variable world
    • Hiring is just guessing, firing takes skill
    • Vilified so badly by the press, limits willing candidates
  • 2019 Predictions
    • NO impeachment in 2019, 2020
    • Mueller won’t produce anything impeachable
    • Impeachment window will be first six months of 2019
    • 2019 will be an up year for stocks
    • North Korea progress will continue
  • Win Bigly was most requested book on Amazon, Christmas week
    • Special message for all the haters since 2015
    • Thanks for the loser advice!
  • Taking calls yesterday on the WhenHub Interface app
    • E-autographs from the whiteboard
  • US pullout from Syria
    • Everything happening is in some way squeezing Iran
    • Time isn’t on Iran’s side
  • The three superpowers are natural allies, not natural enemies
    • We don’t share borders
    • No possibility any of the three could win in a war
    • All three countries have people whose job is to poke the others
  • Why does Putin prefer to continue poking the US?
    • Is it rational to be enemies with someone you can’t defeat?
    • Wouldn’t it be better for Russia to have trade and prosperity?
  • AOC is the real deal, just like President Trump but on the other side
    • Why not try “universal healthcare” in one state, see how it goes?
    • If no state wants to try it, should we stop talking about it?
  • The Wall: Why are politicians making engineering decisions?
    • Why are we talking about funding the entire structure?
    • Establish a test budget, observe results, proceed accordingly

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