Episode 1569 Scott Adams: How We Confuse Politics With Mental Health Problems. They Are Actually Different


  • Elon Musk, future Robot Lord of the Universe
  • Bill Maher hammers Democrats hard
  • MSNBC, toxic narcissists and overt racists?
  • Whiteboard1: Left versus Right
  • Rittenhouse case, a Rosetta Stone
  • The Mother Cuffing FBI
  • Whiteboard2: Data = Steaming Pile

Episode 133: The Epidemic of Trapped Children, SCOTUS, and Coffee


  • Strategy for dealing with personal attacks: “I block all Nazis, goodby”
  • Supreme Court nomination tonight…likely to include one or two bonus topics
  • Experts said: MUST avoid trade wars, have opinions changed?
  • Reticular activation – Noticing something everywhere once it’s on your mind
  • Kids in cages, kids in caves, kids in mental cages (Democrats)
  • President Trump’s persuasion play and the importance of HONOR
  • Elon Musk’s team creating tube for cave kids rescue


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