Episode 621 Scott Adams: The Mental Illness Crisis Turning Democrats into FAKE NEWS ZOMBIES


  • Democrats are implementing a trade war against America
    • Financially penalizing Americans for their political beliefs
    • Isn’t that a trade war…Joaquin Castro?
  • MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace…“misspoke?
    • What’s wrong with Nicolle Wallace?
  • Reza Aslan wants someone “eradicated”?
  • CNN FAKE NEWS Chyron: “Trump Inspired Terrorism”
  • Immigration debate curiosity…
    • NO Democrat has said HOW MUCH immigration is okay
    • NO Democrat has even been ASKED the question
  • Extra people = extra crime
    • How much additional CRIME is acceptable to you?
    • If you can’t put a number on it, you aren’t sincere
    • What impact will your policy have on the country…in 10 years?
  • Has Presidential candidate Andrew Yang told a direct lie yet?
    • Is he the ONLY Democrat candidate who has NOT directly lied?
  • Maybe only 1/3 to 2/3 of all adult humans are capable in today’s world 
    • 1. Mental health issues
    • 2. Addiction issues
    • 3. Mentally incapable of functioning in modern society
  • Blog post link: https://t.co/SVOAjI1Cda
    • How to Determine Who is Hallucinating About Politics

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