Episode 700 Scott Adams: Beto’s Nazi Training, Kurdish Ethnic Cleansing, Buttigieg Surging, Tulsi v Clinton

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  • Pierre Delecto 
  • Robert Schiller, expert on economics psychology…said what?
  • Beto goes full-Hitler and references Joseph “Gurgles”
  • X-Men theme, women are awesome, men are idiots
  • Pete Buttigieg: smart choices promoting his campaign
    • It’s hard not to like genuine
  • Lindsey Graham coming around on President Trump’s Syria play
  • CNN’s diabolically biased headlines
  • Hillary’s humorous parody letter
  • Is anything happening, ANYWHERE in the middle east…
    • …that is NOT ethnic cleansing?
  • Safe zone and flare-ups in the Turkey/Kurds cease-fire
    • Entrenched positions and shaking the box
  • A funny Halloween costume suggestion

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