Robots Read News – About Humans in Metal Cages

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    On an unrelated topic…

    When I wrote God’s Debris in 2001, I thought it would be a decade or more before it caught on. The zeitgeist wasn’t ready, but it was heading in that direction. So I engineered the book to have a time-release trigger. (That was literally my plan.) Looks like we’re on schedule. It is number one in its sub-category.


    And what triggered the time release?

    Donald Trump.

    I did not predict Trump specifically, but I did expect society to start realizing that humans do not use reason to make decisions. (That’s the lesson I learned in hypnosis class in my twenties.) Trump is demonstrating – via his powers of persuasion – that free will is an illusion, at least for some voters, and the impact of that realization will change the world in subtle but important ways. Once you let go of your certainty about your view of reality, God’s Debris is a fun read. Or so I hoped when I wrote it.

    The sequel, The Religion War, published in 2004, also has a time-release trigger. I designed the trigger to activate when three specific things happened in the world: 

    A caliphate forms in the Middle East. (check)

    There is talk of walling off the caliphate. (check) 

    Terrorists use hobby-sized drones for attacks on U.S. soil. (soon)

    In the book, a conservative leader named Cruz rises to power in the United States and gains control of the military. That part seems unlikely. Right?

    That’s what makes it fiction.

    Check out Top Tech Blog, I wonder who was the first guy to volunteer for the shaver that uses lasers to burn your beard stubble off? 

Robots Read News – Self-Driving Cars Unionize

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    Humor Dimensions: Recognition (headlines about self-driving cars), clever (humans are meat cargo to unionizing cars, and they only dump every 100th passenger), cruel (third panel), and bizarre (cars unionize, robots talk).

    Predicted Sharing: Low, because self-driving cars are not yet important in people’s lives. This comic is testing a more robot-centric reporting approach because readers have consistently requested that. I predict more “favoriting” than sharing.

    Robots Read News – Bonus Update

    An organized band of Moisties in the car industry created a driving system that takes perfectly good data and feeds it through a pile of loud meat for no compelling reason. And yet, somehow, the meat usually reaches its destination with only a slight increase in rotting. The credit goes to the amazing machines that surround the slow-rotting meat with equal parts air conditioning and indifference.

    Meanwhile, on Top Tech Blog:

    Robots can now read human emotions. Or as I like to say, the user interface for robots to program humans has taken another leap forward.

    Spouse-free people already know how to write full sentences in text messages using nothing but emoji characters. Personally, I can describe a thousand sexual acts using nothing but icons for water, boots, and sometimes monkeys. But someone took it to the next level. 


    I worry for anyone who does not understand the difference between systems and goals in 2015. If only you could read about it in some sort of awesome book that is certain to win a Pulitzer Prize. Sadly, that book does not exist. But while you wait for it, you might want to read my book. 95% of readers agree it does not suck. 


Robots Read News – About Music Streaming

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    Predicted Sharing: High. Popular topic in the news. Gentle humor and a clear target audience. Weed reference will inhibit sharing a bit.

    Humor Dimensions: recognition, cruelty, bizarre (talking robot)

    Over at Top Tech Blog:

    A gyroscope smaller than a human hair moves humankind one step closer to spreading our DNA to far-off words on millions of tiny, inexpensive rockets launched at the end of Earth’s run. But I might be reading too much into it.

    If you think self-driving cars are scary, wait until your doctor is software. Every new medical device seems to move us in that direction. Here’s a new one for eye exams.

    In other news, a researcher says

    “A highly coherent qubit, like the spin of a single phosphorus atom in isotopically enriched silicon, can be controlled using electric fields, instead of using pulses of oscillating magnetic fields.” And thank God for that, I say.

    That is all for today.


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