The Thought Police Did Not Like it When I Said Something Like This

    Today I step aside to let a better communicator do her thing. See this provocative opinion by Janet L. Factor.

    It is too early to call The Turn on our collective thinking about the motivation of radical Islamic terrorists, but it might happen soon. Keep in mind that Trump’s suggestion is to halt muslim immigration until we figure out what is causing it.

    That was a persuasion nudge from Trump. Janet Factor’s article is another nudge. Their nudges might have different intentions behind them, but they are both nudges away from the idea that the terrorists hate us because of our proximity to their magic dirt. Or our policies. Or our meddling. Or our bombing.

    We have heard plenty of explanations (good ones!) for why radical Islamic terrorists want to kill us. But remember what I taught you about having too many explanations for the same phenomenon – it is a tell for cognitive dissonance. And that means there is probably one big influence that is – for whatever reason – invisible to the public at large.

    Until The Turn.

    Seeing the Future

    Changing topics slightly, I give you an image from today’s failed terrorist attack in Paris.


    To me, that looks like the future. You have a terrorist losing a fight to a robot inside a fenced zone. Eventually, the so-called Caliphate will become something like the Target Practice for Robots Zone, or TPRZ. The military needs a robot practice zone anyway, so we might as well kill two birds at the same time.  And Robots could, in theory, become better at minimizing civilian casualties compared to whatever we’re doing now.

    If you have a better solution, I’m all ears. But this is where it’s going if we straight-line current trends. Not a preference, just a prediction.

    See the image above on Twitter @ScottAdamsSays if your firewall is being a caliphate.