Rocking the Vote — for Snoopy?

    Check out my public service announcement as part of the Rock the Vote campaign to get people to register. (And notice I gave the wrong URL in the video. Forgot the “S.”)

    Some of you might wonder why I’m encouraging other people to vote when I often tell you that personally I don’t vote. And you know I think that all voting is irrational. Well, let me explain.

    The reason I don’t vote is because I study persuasion, and lately I write about it. As soon as you join a team, you lose objectivity – what little you ever had. So I stay unaligned. It reduces my confirmation bias. But I’m a freak. Don’t be like me. You should vote.


    Voting makes citizens feel like part of the system. It adds credibility to the government, at least in our minds, and that’s all that matters. So you should definitely vote. It feels especially good if you maintain your illusion that you understand complex socio-economic issues well enough to have an informed opinion. 

    Also, remember how much you hate the candidate for president that is not on your side. You need to vote against that person. You hate that person.

    So vote. It’ll feel good, and it will reduce the likelihood that the United States will devolve into a warlord situation. You don’t want that. But if it happens, I think I would be an excellent warlord, and you should join my tribe. I’ll be tough, but fair. 

    Or vote. Register at