Episode 364 Scott Adams: RPOS, The Steel Barrier and Climate Persuasion


  • AOC is now RPOS, says: “Trump is a racist”
    • Does RPOS support a transfer of wealth from white and Asian Americans to other ethnic groups?
  • Climate change authoritative sources pro and con
    • Both sides use same data to support their position
    • Sifting through persuasive arguments from both sides
  • 22 tree ring experts say Michael Mann results were flawed
    • Michael Mann says he discovered tree ring expert flaw
  • 17 year pause in warming, while CO2 was increasing yearly
    • If CO2 is the main driving force, why the temp pause?
  • Map of temperature measurement device locations
    • Vast majority are in the US
    • Enormous parts of the globe have no measurement devices
  • Until both sides can claim “victory”, no progress on the wall
    • “immoral” painted Pelosi into a corner
    • Are ALL border controls immoral?
    • Are barriers that are easier to breach, more moral?
  • Nancy Pelosi looks like a weak leader because of RPOS

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