Episode 460 Scott Adams: False Memories, Russian Collusion, 2020 Forecast, Climate Change Strategy


  • My dispute with Taleb that I’m not aware of, something about data
  • Update: “Fine People” HOAX and high concept word salads
    • False memories are the basic texture of our reality
  • Noted economist Russell Roberts, saw truth, changed his opinion
  • Anti-Trumpers preparing us for a “disappointing” Mueller report
  • Half of all published, peer reviewed studies are eventually proven wrong
  • War Strategy (whiteboard 1) as a guide to climate change strategy
  • 2 top skeptical climate change arguments, (whiteboard 2)
    • Russian climate change prediction model
    • ONLY Russian model correctly predicted recent years
    • ONLY the Russian model fits dip that occurred in the 40s
  • Wikipedia NOT allowing the truth about “fine people” hoax, so far
    • @Unstumpable2016 posted truth with documentation
    • Within minutes, truth is taken down, hoax replaces it
    • Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-founder) personally monitoring
    • Currently, discussion over correct info is happening

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