Episode 329 Scott Adams: Modern Presidential Tweets, Mueller Porn Updates


  • Don Jr. shared a meme mocking AOC
    • Visual, slightly inappropriate, emotional impact
    • AOC sarcastic reply was so provocative it can’t be ignored
  • Rex Tillerson recently dumped on President Trump
    • President Trump counter-punched Tillerson with a Tweet
  • Nobody does persuasion-contrast as good as President Trump
  • Only losers judge people by whether they’ve made a mistake
    • How a person deals with the mistake is the key
  • Kevin Hart’s ancient humor Tweets about LGBTQ community
  • Are the Democrats pushing the black community from the party?
    • Party support: women, immigration and LGBTQ
  • Mueller’s release of new info…something for everyone
    • Wouldn’t we know if Mueller has found anything juicy?
  • Russian troll farm created anti-Hillary election ads
    • Russian troll farm ALSO created anti-Trump ads
    • If intent was ONLY to sabotage Hillary…
    • …why did they also create anti-Trump ads?

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