Say Hello to the WhenHub Interface App and our Public ICO/ITO.

    Do you know about the enormous trend happening right now with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO/ITOs?

    I’m far from an expert in that field, but I’ll bring you up to speed by telling you about my startup’s new app that is taking advantage of all that stuff. You’ll want to understand this technology trend to keep up with those who already do. I’ll try to keep it simple for you.

    WhenHub (a company I co-founded) just released our new app called  WhenHub Interface, available now in the Apple and Google Play Stores. We also launched our public ICO (technically an ITO), and I’ll tell you about that in case you are new to this hot topic. It’s the biggest thing happening in tech lately.

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WhenHub SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)

    Today might be one of the biggest days of my life, and it will be impossible to explain why that is so unless you know at least a little bit about blockchain, dAPPS, cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, and the legal distinction between a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) and an ICO.

    If those words look unfamiliar, one of the biggest technical revolutions the world has ever known is sneaking up on you. The folks in Silicon Valley — who live about three years in the future compared to the rest of the country — can’t stop talking about this topic. The smartest people in the Valley tell me blockchain will change nearly everything, and already is. It’s like “the Internet” before anyone had heard of the Internet. That’s how big it is.

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