Fire the Government (And Why Obamacare is Great!)

    Regular readers of this blog might remember that I broke up with my government in 2013 after they were involved in torturing both of my parents to death. (See last paragraph of this post.)

    Today is payback. 

    Now you know my motivation. It’s personal. 

    If polls hold, Iowa is going to fire the government today by giving Trump a win on the Republican side and a head start on running the table. I don’t think it will matter who wins on the Democrat side. As soon as Trump is done punching in every direction, and can focus on one opponent, that poor soul will have a bad 2016.

    That said, I don’t think any of the top-polling candidates are a full package. Trump has the skills, but he scares the shit out of half the public, and that won’t work. Sanders has the long-term vision of a kinder, smarter world, but he lost the batteries for his Casio calculator. Clinton is only running to be president of women, and the men they own. That doesn’t work either. Rubio and Cruz probably won’t get within striking distance.

    So what we have is a way to break the government (Trump or Sanders) and no plan to fix it. That didn’t work in Iraq. It’s a risky play here, too.

    That said, I’m all in for firing my government, risk and all. We might never get this kind of chance again. We can work out the details later. Revolution first.

    And that gets me to the brilliance of Obamacare. 

    President Obama – Master Persuader – will, in my opinion, go down in history as one of our most successful presidents. You just don’t realize it yet.

    In the interest of context, I was in favor of impeaching President Obama for changing his mind on enforcing medical marijuana laws in California and not explaining his reasoning. To me, that smelled like corruption. Maybe the private prison lobby got to him. Maybe the liquor industry got to him. Doesn’t matter why. The fact that he never bothered to explain his change of heart to the public was – in my opinion – grounds for impeachment. (Obama has since changed back to his original position of staying out of medical marijuana in California.)

    My point is that I’m not a fan of the President.

    But back to Obamacare. I recall seeing an interview with President Obama in which he said his plan was to launch Obamacare with warts and flaws and fix them along the way. Obama intentionally – and he said this directly – launched a faulty solution as the smartest way to get to a good solution. Today, Trump, Sanders, and Clinton all plan to “improve” Obamacare in some way, even if that means replacing it in full.

    Advantage: Obama. 

    President Obama and Donald Trump have a similar Master Persuader approach. Both Master Persuaders believe it is more important to focus attention in the right place than it is to have a perfect plan on day one. If you get the nation’s attention, and focus it right, America has a good track record of working out the details over time.

    Put a man on the moon? Announce it first, figure out the details later.

    Enter World Wars one and two? Announce first, figure it out later.

    In a perfect world, we would follow the carpenter’s advice to measure twice and cut once. But the real world is messy and unpredictable. We never have the luxury of a detailed plan. At best, our leaders focus our energies in the right directions and we figure out the details later. 

    Obama focused our energies on healthcare. Trump focused our energies on the border. Both plans are terrible BY DESIGN.

    Good plans are better than bad plans, obviously. But if no one has a good plan – which is often the case – bad plans are better than no plans, so long as they move your energy in the right direction. With both Obamacare and immigration, no one had a “good” plan that the public recognized as such. So a Master Persuader does the next best thing and starts ugly, trusting the ingenuity of the country to make corrections along the way.

    Americans are really, really good at that. You might say it is part of our identity

    If the patriots in Iowa strike a death blow to our corrupt and bloated government – and I hope they do – I’m all in on helping to figure out how to fix it later. Give me Sanders or Trump and I’ll join the team to work out the details. If it’s Sanders, I’m all in to help figure out the math. If it’s Trump, I’ll be watching him carefully – as will other trained persuaders. In my opinion, Trump has only gotten this far because other Master Persuaders (including Obama) have allowed it to happen. Trump is less scary when you recognize his opening bids as technique.

    Let’s fire the government. We can work out the details later.

    Note for new readers: My political preferences don’t line up with any of the candidates. My fascination with Trump is his persuasion skills. I have never seen better. 

Boycott Valentines Day?

    Let’s say you’re a Democrat, and male, and you can’t imagine voting for a Republican. But at the same time, you can’t stomach the fact that Hillary Clinton is playing the Gender Card.

    How do you vote? 

    One suggestion is to vote for Clinton and announce in advance that you plan to boycott Valentine’s Day for as long as she is in office. (In this scenario, I assume your spouse also votes for Clinton.) That feels like a measured response. Under this plan, you can enjoy all of the policy benefits you wanted from a Clinton administration while feeling you stayed principled about the Gender Card. You save yourself 4-8 years of Valentines’ Day bullshit, and you make your point too.

    The trick is to state your plan to boycott Valentines’ Day NEXT year. That gives your spouse time to adjust to the reality of it. If you try to do it alone, or do it this year, all you will get is divorced. But if it becomes a national movement, you have some cover.

    Personally, I would be okay with a Clinton presidency, and I’m okay with Valentines Day too. But I’m not okay with both. You have to draw a line someplace. That’s my line.