Episode 90: Introducing The Summer of Love 2018


  • Whiteboard discussion
  • Chairman Kim, show him respect, it benefits us all
    • Powerful Pompeo message: We now have something we could lose
    • Allowing this opportunity to go to waste would be tragic
    • We should follow our President and Secretary of States lead
    • Public opinion is closely tied to the governments actions
  • Roseanne and Samantha Bee
  • Sara Silverman tweet shows she is making progress
  • Your movie ISN’T the “real one”, it’s just the one you’re experiencing
  • People experience their own reality
  • President Trump’s ability to crank insults up or down as needed
    • Currently, our President is cranking them down
    • Iran contrast persuasion is in play
    • Being a friend of the US is a really good deal
    • Being our enemy…not such a good deal


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