Episode 756 Scott Adams: Shampeachment, Artists Versus Economists, Greta, Cod Pieces

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  • The worst INTENTIONAL thing we’ve ever seen in American politics
  • Idiot of the day: Senator Chris Murphy’s trade deal math
  • Why were so many experts WRONG about a China trade war?
  • Mollie Hemingway, great Twitter content and Federalist articles
    • A recommended follow
  • Fun Tweet Game: Guess the tweeter’s background
    • Artist or Economist?
  • Enemy press flailing around for a new attack line on President
  • Supreme Court taking the case of President Trump’s taxes
  • Democrats changing transcript wording to promote impeachment
    • Even CNN is calling them out
  • Cenk Uygur’s past comments don’t pass the Bernie sniff test
  • CNN attempts to ADD emotional content to their stories…
    • …Example: Lemon Face

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