Episode 639 Scott Adams: China, Kanye, Outrage Theatre, Zombies, Goofy Warren, Google vs PragerU


  • ALL Americans have a COMMON ENEMY…Fentanyl China
  • Is our Commander in Chief…able to “order” US out of China?
    • Economically, China IS a “villain”…AND pushing Fentanyl on us
  • PragerU goes to Ninth Circuit Court fighting YouTube’s suppression
    • Will the discovery process make their algorithm available?
  • Elizabeth Warren’s dancing and fitness levels are age-impressive
    • Do WOMEN think she dances “goofy” like men do?
  • Kamala Harris game hasn’t improved over time
    • Elizabeth Warren in contrast…has learned and improved
  • Drug problem + Mental Health Problem = Homeless Zombies
    • The “zombie class” is growing fast
  • Kanye’s TEST dome-shelters, California says tear them down
  • Kanye TRIED, he’s working a good systems approach
    • Build some TEST domes…see how they work out
    • If they work, build more…if not, modify and try again
  • RBG successfully treated for cancer
    • Should lifetime appointments have an upper limit for age?
  • Dilbert Future’s evolution prediction caused years of mob attacks
    • Math genius says evolution math…does NOT work
  • Hybrid-theory challenges theory of evolution 
    • Hybrid theory says hybrids SOMETIMES CAN reproduce
    • Hybrid theory works mathematically, unlike evolution theory

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