Episode 533 Scott Adams: Buttigieg, Fake News, How to Frame Immigration, Abortion, Climate


  • Border psychology: Telling people we’ll be sending them back soon
    • A simple tweet that reduces those swarming our border
    • President Trump uses psychology to protect our homeland
  • President Trump has a highly criticized style, BUT…
    • Future Presidents will be compared to his energy, results 
  • President Trump does counter-narrative things ALL the time
    • Enemy press and Dems push “racist” narratives about him
    • President’s actions and priorities counter their narratives
  • The essential claim for needing immigration reform
    • If your incentives aren’t correct, immigration is a disaster
  • GOOD FRAMING: Heartbeat bills, a beating heart equals life
  • GOOD FRAMING: immigration policies like those in…Canada, Japan
    • Merit based policies like our friends in Canada and Japan
    • People in other countries decide America’s immigration policies 
      • People just decide to come here…and then come here
      • America has no say in whether or not they come here
    • Is nuclear power MORE dangerous than risk of climate change?
  • Have I been targeted in a really destructive way on social media?
    • My troll traffic suddenly jumped up
    • My LinkedIn related traffic went almost to zero overnight
    • My YouTube traffic took a step down, don’t know why
    • My Periscope traffic down about the same time also
  • Was I targeted, or is it an explainable coincidence?
    • If there’s no way to know, if you were targeted or not…
    • …does that justify government intervention for social media?

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