Episode 1177 Scott Adams: Want Some Election Optimism? I Have it. Come Get it.

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  • Twitter censorship of President Trump
  • Voter election fraud
  • Electoral College vote options
  • Arizona GOP blocked early vote count?
  • Wisconsin 89% voter turnout, normal is 70%?
  • President Trump’s potential path to victory

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Episode 654 Scott Adams: The Most Eclectic and Interesting Content of All Time


  • Bill Pulte’s internet philanthropy under attack by suspicious critics
  • Do you believe that “all major policies are racist”?
  • The DEVASTATING HORROR that is “Sharpiegate”
    • …and its possible hilarious origin
  • The MATH of evolution skeptics
  • Whiteboard: Rebuilding storm impacted areas
    • Why not build entirely NEW cities with SAFE nuclear power?
    • Commerce zones with FREE or very cheap SAFE power

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