Episode 395 Scott Adams: Creepy Kamala, Healthcare, Manchin’s Brilliance, Climate Change


  • The Howard Schultz advantage of…coffee!
  • People calling Kamala’s demeanor and laugh “creepy”
  • Kamala and Willie Brown’s past won’t hurt her candidacy
  • CNN and now MSNBC have both anointed Kamala
  • Universal healthcare has moved from nutty Bernie idea to inevitable
    • Can taxes be raised enough to cover the astronomical costs?
    • Can we lower costs enough to make it possible?
    • Startups are focusing on lower cost for high profit things
  • Did Kamala invoke the Charlottesville conspiracy theory?
  • Senator Manchin says turn this over to the engineers and experts
    • “SMART WALL” is a smart persuasive phrase
  • Climate change has BS on both sides of the topic
    • One side is correct, we don’t know which
    • The marketing of the science looks like a hoax
    • The marketing of the skeptics is mostly unconvincing
  • The “Research Well”, what happens when you reach a point where…
    • You don’t understand the claim being made
    • You can’t determine if the claim is true
    • Confirmation bias always wins in the end
      • Your original belief becomes your conclusion

NOTE: Broadcast glitch, sound is a bit muffled.

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