Episode 545 Scott Adams: 2020 Election Prediction Update, Can Biden Really Beat Trump?

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  • Devin Nunes retweeted my guides for identifying FAKE NEWS
  • Drone “bullet”, hovers and waits for its target…then kills it
  • Are Prediction models for 2020 election results, better than 2016s?
  • The impact: Social media’s “thumb on scale” algorithms
  • People who CAN be persuaded…in key states, decide who’s President
  • VOX’s ridiculous claim about FOX News, impact on CNN, MSNBC
  • YouTube supposedly blocking people from playing a certain video
  • John Lewis says he cried…
    • …when President Trump said something…that he didn’t say
  • Joe Biden’s campaign strategy of invisibility, noticed by others
  • President Trump UNDERSTANDS PEOPLE, at a level few others can
    • Have you EVER felt safer about North Korea? 
  • Duncan Hunter’s support for Navy Seal photographing war carnage
  • Creativity from AI computer programs? Yes, it CAN be done
  • Prediction:
    • Within 10 years, AI will be able to do every form of creativity
  • Prediction:
    • Social media algorithms will determine 2020 election results…
    • …unless something changes