Episode 430 Scott Adams: Racist Spike Lee, CNN Starting Nuclear Wars, Climate Science and Immoral Children


  • Spike Lee is racist per President Trump
    • Spike Lee movie perpetuates the Charlottesville Hoax
  • CNN flamethrower attempt to DERAIL PEACE with North Korea  
    • Did they just discover the old story?  Timed to derail peace?
  • AOC is interesting, intriguing, watchable, consistent
    • Is it immoral to bring children into this world?
    • People on the left should stop having children
  • President Trump is seeking to educate both himself and the public
    • Climate Change meeting MUST be public and transparent
    • Genuine open-minded process is key to acceptance
  • Climate Change Debate Questions
    • Unprecedented rate of rise for key temperatures
    • CO2 is the only variable rising that fast. Therefore the cause
    • The climate scientist’s graph is SELF-REFUTING on this

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