Episode 365 Scott Adams: Brandon Darby Talks About Border Situation


  • Border expert Brandon Darby discusses border issues
    • Cartels are promoting illegal immigration in vast stretches
  • Impact of walls on smuggling and illegal immigration
    • Walls shifted smugglers to legal ports of entry
  • Existing walls placed in urban border areas, reduced crime
    • illegal activity shifted to isolated rural areas
  • Marijuana legalization in US took away a huge chunk of cartel profits
    • Cartels shifted to illegal immigration and making heroin
  • Declaring cartels to be terror groups as an enforcement strategy
  • US pays cartels for ratting on “watch list” Middle Easterners
  • 70% of illegal immigrant women are raped along the journey
    • Multiple rapes of the women are common
  • Half-Measures are the real border security problem
    • It’s immoral to have a partial border
  • US State Department is biggest obstacle to border control 
  • US State Department prioritizes diplomacy over law enforcement
  • Half of Mexico has to be patrolled by their military, not police
    • Cartels have military weaponry, police can’t compete

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