Episode 360 Scott Adams: Romney, Trump’s Press Conference, Arctic Ice and Nuclear Power


  • A+ Good risk/reward play by Romney
  • President Trump’s comments on walls that exist and work
    • Anti-Trump forced to deal with Obama and Popes walls
  • “Sand and Death”, President Trump’s branding is excellent
    • Visual persuasion examples and the essence of issues
  • AOC in group picture of new House members
    • AOC once again, makes the right choice when others don’t
  • Focusing on ice to determine if climate change is real
    • Is ice increasing or decreasing in net total?
    • How do we not know the clear answer to that question?
  • Steve Goddard and Tony Heller are the same guy
    • One powerful skeptic voice…not two, pen name
  • Rebuttal charts for temperature data on climate change
    • The most basic, easily verifiable facts aren’t agreed on?
  • Are nuclear and fusion power cost effective or not?
    • Really smart people aren’t in agreement

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