Episode 599 Scott Adams: Talking to Steve Hsu of Genomic Prediction, Using AI and Genomics to Predict Disease


  • Guest Steve Hsu, Cofounder of Genomic Prediction
    • Using AI and genomic to detect disease
    • Predictors now exist for about 20 diseases
  • Soon…DNA tests will be required for health insurance policies
    • Or
    • Single payer solution to reduce costs for the afflicted
  • Breaking the chain of disease within families
    • Choosing a low-risk embryo to reduce genetic diseases
    • Downs Syndrome is a CURRENT routine pregnancy test
  • EVERYBODY is a racist?
    • “Racist” isn’t quite landing, it’s losing power from overuse
    • So now…EVERYBODY is Xenophobic!
  • The “racist” claim has become racist and is losing its power
    • President Trump has made “The Squad” the face of the Democrats
    • Now Democrats must embrace or reject them
  • Antifa bomber got almost NO MSM coverage, why?
    • Existing coverage omits that he was Antifa, why?

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