Episode 374 Scott Adams: Russia, DeBlaisio, Gabbard, Jeff Bozo, FBI


  • Jeff Bozo and the President’s tweets
  • NYC Mayor De Blazio instituting universal health care
    • Gavin Newsome working on it also for California
    • Important, whether it works out or not
  • Russian collusion outcome seems obvious
    • Both sides will claim they were right all along
  • Eric Swalwell on taking interpreters notes
    • Destroying evidence indicates guilt
    • Hmm…Hillary destroyed evidence
  • Eric Swalwell requesting someone prove a negative
    • Is he assuming his followers are stupid?
  • FBI motivation, investigating President Trump…was vengeance
    • Is there evidence of that, or is it mind reading?
  • Will Tulsi Gabbard be the 2020 Democrat candidate?
    • Simple answer, how is CNN framing her?
    • Watch for who CNN coverage anoints
  • President Trump taking interpreters Putin meeting notes
    • Any chance Mueller hasn’t already talked to interpreter?
    • Big news if he has or hasn’t talked to him
    • No leaks or actions by Mueller if something found?
  • Good reasons President Trump took interpreters notes
    • Was he smart to do it, or very smart to do it?
  • Critics say FBI started investigation of President without cause
    • Strozk himself said “no there, there”
    • Expected value calculations
  • Climate change people and skeptics both shoveling some BS
    • Looking at the BS on both sides for popular arguments
  • Can scientists really measure the temperature of entire world?
    • Can they measure the temperature of all oceans?
  • Validation of imprecise measurement techniques…
    • …by other imprecise measurement techniques?
  • 10 Startups have funding for fusion power development
    • Extremely smart people are in those startups
    • Odds that none of the 10 will create an economic power source?

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