Episode 682 Scott Adams: Trump Campaign Ads, Chinese Tainted Pork, Subjective Reality, Citizen Participation

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  • 2 top-shelf campaign ads released yesterday by Trump campaign
  • Has North Korea ALREADY received a “security guarantee”?
  • A million pounds of tainted pork from China discovered
  • Two-way communication: President Trump and the people
    • Eliminating the middle-man media filter
  • WaPo article mocks President Trump’s followers
  • Quid Pro Quo attack on President Trump is now…
    • …Quid Pro Joe
  • President Trump’s typos, so what?
  • CNN Cillizza’s funny article that wasn’t intended to be funny
    • Karma has come to visit Chris Cillizza and CNN
  • “Biden and his son are stone cold crooked and you know it”
  • Why isn’t Narcan anonymously available to the public?

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