Episode 271 Scott Adams: Saudi Alibis, Soros, Caravans, #FentanylChina, Fake News


  • 100 pictures of Comey and Mueller hugging
  • 7,000 person caravan…it’s for the cameras
  • Chinese spy chips on motherboards per Bloomberg, Apple says nope
  • Opioid reduction bill, closing the postal and cross-shipping loopholes
  • Getting off Fentanyl or other opioids with Suboxone
  • Lying in western cultures is different than in Arab cultures?
    • Western style lying is to convince the other person
    • In Arab cultures…lying is sometimes just to get past a topic?
  • George Soros derangement syndrome and the arguments against him
  • NPC (Non-Player Characters) is brutally effective persuasion
    • Is NPC bad and need banning…or just funny like @NPC_Dale?
  • President Trump says he’s a Nationalist…so what?

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