I Hate it When Science Beats Art

    Over at Business Insider they are running my Slideshare presentation (based on my book) about systems versus goals, and passion being overrated. But here’s the interesting part.

    Most of you remember a year ago when I was pimping my book on success like crazy and failing to get many people interested. I tried a lot of approaches to get attention, but none made a dent in the public’s consciousness. In other words, the artist in me that has instincts and intuitions and other arty feelings was a failure at marketing.

    So I tried science to see how that would compare. I hired Rexi Media to help me put together the Slideshare using science to make my message more powerful and memorable. It turns out that there are plenty of studies suggesting how to do this sort of thing, so with Rexi Media’s help I wrapped my message in a science-approved formula and put it out in the world.

    The science-driven Slideshare outperformed everything else I tried, by a wide margin. And now, many months later, Business Insider took an interest in it and turned it into one of the hottest items on their page. See the “heat” indicator on each item below it.


    I find this a humbling experience because I thought I had a good handle on what people would find interesting and engaging. I don’t. But science filled the gap. And the book popped back into the top ten list for self-help books.

    Scott Adams

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