Episode 693 Scott Adams: Coup-By-Hypnosis, Kurds and Fog of War, The Kingsmen Video

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  • Kingsmen video and political outrage theater
    • Kathy Griffin complains it might incite violence
  • Syria and the Kurds
    • Things we know and things we do NOT know
  • ISIS prisoners escaped…did they really?
    • ISIS prisoner family members escaped…family members?
  • One Turkey objective is returning 2,000,000 Syrian refugees
    • Were the Kurds preventing Syrian refugees from returning?
  • The concept of “sunk costs”, a Loserthink topic
  • Matt Taibbi’s article says we’re in a coup…
    • …and the coup is a bigger problem than President Trump
  • A “coup-by-hypnosis” is happening
    • Psychological tricks are helping make the coup invisible
    • Professionally trained liars and their media allies
    • Influence hypnotized Example: Fareed Zakaria
  • Naval’s question: How can the unarmed overthrow the armed?
    • Answer: Convince the armed that a coup didn’t happen
  • Impeachment 18 months (or less) from an election?
    • Is there some unknown immediate danger?
    • Or is impeachment just political theater to win election?
  • How can we prevent the coup?
    •  The Senate has prevented the coup…so far
    • My coup result prediction

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