Episode 307 Scott Adams: Facebook Election Influence, AOC, Swalwell, Creepy Joe, Kirsten Powers


  • Your political opinions are assigned to you by your media sources
  • Facebook influenced the elections by including a “vote” button
    • Not all users were shown the “vote” button
    • Targeted users were more likely to vote
  • Kirsten Powers (CNN) said…
    • Anybody who voted for Trump is a racist
  • Any and all immigration policies are racist, that can’t be avoided
  • Deciding someone is racist by assumed intent is mind reading
  • Swalwell and AOC are using President Trumps persuasion techniques
    • 14 million illegals were never going to be deported
    • Swalwell aggressive ask on firearms never going to happen
    • AOC provocative statements about impossible to fund policies
    • Don’t confuse technique with actually being crazy
  • Kamala Harris hearing question about racial targeting
    • Kamala doesn’t have a nickname…what’s that mean?
  • Joe Biden is a boring, weak, gaff prone version of President Trump

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