Episode 558 Scott Adams: Celebrating My Birthday With You While Talking About all the Good News

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  • Tariffs work!!! Hey China…ready to make a deal?
  • President Trump’s personality and his second term as President
  • How and why AI will be MORE creative than humans
  • There are NO wars…in the Western Hemisphere
  • 10,000 steps per day for health…not so scientific apparently
  • News silo inefficiency creates income opportunities
  • Slippery slope of deplatforming influential conservatives
  • Social media company algorithms can produce political bias
  • A gun violence control system based on AI and algorithms

Episode 157 Scott Adams: Cohen, EU Trade, Shadow Banning


  • CNN puzzles the obvious
  • Cohen tape…the explanation you haven’t heard yet 
  • Tariffs and kissing EU Juncker
  • Huge psychological pressure from EU deal on other countries
  • CNN might be showing signs of a news coverage policy shift
  • President Trump’s tweet about shadow ban of Conservatives
  • Scott Adams Proposal: Clarification Rule for politics


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