Episode 549 Scott Adams: Bipartisanship, Charisma, Hallucinations and Brainwashing

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  • Will Mexico impose immigration controls because of new tariffs?  
  • What happened to Chairman Kim’s former negotiating team?
    • Is it GOOD for future negotiations with President Trump?
  • Bubonic plague is staged to explode in Los Angeles
  • AG Barr doesn’t consider what happened as treason in a legal sense
  • GOOD brainwashing versus BAD brainwashing
  • A guy named “Steve” keeps getting in trouble for talk about “cultures”
    • Don Lemon & Kamau Bell’s interesting discussion on racism
  • AOC and Ted Cruz tweet agreement on a political topic
    • AOC crosses the aisle, has super charisma and raw talent
  • High school sport activities and emotional impact on the kids
  • CNN spinning their explanation of why they were wrong for years

Episode 239 Scott Adams: The Kavanaugh One-Week Delay


  • Applying the “Corporate Filter” to the one week Kavanaugh delay

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The Candidate Supporter Stereotypes (Master Persuader Series)

    Under the Master Persuader filter, where reason is an illusion, I like to watch how stereotypes are shaping up in order to know what’s really happening.

    Forget about policies for now. Let’s look at the stereotypes we are starting to form in our minds for the major candidates.

    For Trump, we have the “angry white male racists” stereotype for his supporters. As with all stereotypes, it has enough grains of truth to hold it’s shape, but it isn’t an actual truth. 

    Likewise, in the stereotyped world of our biased brains, Hillary Clinton’s supporters fall into three groups now:

    1. Women

    2. Unarmed men

    3. Rapists

    Ted Cruz’ supporters are mostly Canadians and ultra-conservative Republicans who can’t get past Trump’s haircut. Again, this is just the cartoon versions forming in our minds, not any kind of truth.

    But Bernie Sanders is the interesting one. His strongest base of support is people in their early twenties. As stereotypes go, that’s a good one. In our biased minds, Bernie doesn’t have supporters who are racists, rapists, or Canadians. His supporters are young, healthy, college kids.

    Advantage: Sanders

    But here’s the funny part. And I wonder if you already see it. What distinction do the young have – as voters – that is different from the racists, rapists, Canadians, angry white men, unarmed men, conservative Republicans, and women?

    Answer: The young are the stupidest voters

    I say this with affection. I was once young myself. And I know how little I understood about the world then, compared to now. My IQ was about the same, but in terms of wisdom and perspective, I was operating at about 10% of my potential. That’s probably true for everyone. We start ignorant and we improve with age.

    Just to be clear, what I’m saying is that even if Sanders supporters were ALSO racists, rapists, Canadians, ultra-conservative Republicans, women, and angry white men – they would be the dumbest among that grouping. The young are the dumbest (in terms of politics) in EVERY group.

    In a world of reason, the candidate with the strongest support among young (i.e. dumb) voters would seem the most ridiculous. Instead, we see it as the best possible situation for a candidate, in terms of the optics of it. It looks great to have the young on your side, with their energy and optimism.

    When you think of Sanders – and whether you like him or not – you probably have in your mind that he’s the adult in the conversation. He doesn’t seem to intentionally say things he knows to be untrue. You can question the math of his policies, or the practicality, but it does look as if he means what he says. And what does Sanders get for being so rational and reasonable?

    He gets the dumbest supporters.